SQL Workbench/J fully suppports BLOB (and CLOB) columns. BLOB data can be displayed and updated from within the result of a SELECT query.
Screenshot showing info dialog
Screenshot displaying an image

SQL Workbench/J also supports direct uploading of BLOB files from the client to the server:

INSERT INTO person (id,firstname,lastname,photo) VALUES (1,'Arthur','Dent',{$blobfile=c:/temp/hitchguide.bmp});

The extended syntax is also supported for UPDATE statements and is independent of the DBMS. It is only limited by the level of JDBC compliance of the driver.

To retrieve the contents of a LOB column for a single row and write the data to a file on the client, the command WbSelectBlob can be used:

WbSelectBlob blob_column INTO c:/temp/image.bmp FROM theTable WHERE id=42;

To write LOB data from more than one row, WbExport can be used.
WbImport fully supports reading LOB data when importing text or XML files.

For more details, please read the manual.