If you are a member or voter of the following political parties or agree with their despicable political views,
you are NOT WELCOME to use my software.
  • AfD (Germany)
  • Die Heimat (Germany)
  • Die Basis (Germany)
  • BündnisDeutschland (Germany)
  • Freie Wähler (Germany, Bavaria)
  • CSU (Germany, Bavaria)
  • FPÖ (Austria)
  • Fratelli d’Italia (Italy)
  • Lega Nord (Italy)
  • Rassemblement National (France)
  • Vox (Spain)
  • Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Poland)
  • Fidesz (Hungary)
  • Adalet ve Kalkınma Partis (Türkiye)
  • Republican Party (USA)

Building the jar file

The source distribution does not contain all needed libraries. If you want to build SQL Workbench/J yourself it is highly recommended to clone or download the Git repository to automatically get everything you need.

To only build the jar file for testing purposes, run Maven in the directory where pom.xml is located:
mvn package -DskipTests=true.
To run run the non-DBMS unit tests, it is necessary to specify the Maven profile "test-default":
mvn test -Ptest-default.

The Ant script in the scripts directory is intended to build a jar file for a release. Its main purpose is to set the build number correctly.
If the build is successful, dist/sqlworkbench.jar will be created.

The default Ant target make-dev-jar does not build the manual.

Building the manual

To build the manual, please clone or download the corresponding Git repository.

To build the manual you need to download the Docbook XSL package (e.g. docbook-xsl-1.78.1.zip) and FOP (Version 0.95, newer version don't work with Docbook XSL).

Go into the manual subdirectory and type ant pdf to build the PDF or ant publish-dev to build the HTML manual.