27. Manage macros with SQL Workbench/J command

27.1. Define a new macro - WbDefineMacro
27.2. Delete a macro - WbDeleteMacro
27.3. List available macros - WbListMacros

All SQL Workbench/J specific command can only be used from within SQL Workbench/J

27.1. Define a new macro - WbDefineMacro

Defines a new macro (or overwrites an existing one). This command is primarily intended for the console mode

-nameThe name of the new macro
-groupThe name of the macro group in which the new macro should be stored
-textThe text of the macro
-fileA file from which to read the macro text. If this parameter is supplied, -text is ignored
-encodingThe encoding of the input file specified with the -file parameter.
-autoExpandIf true then the new macro is a macro that is expanded while typing

27.2. Delete a macro - WbDeleteMacro

WbDeleteMacro is used to delete a macro, the macro name is passed with the command, e.g:

WbDeleteMacro showData

27.3. List available macros - WbListMacros

Display the defined macros. This command is primarily intended for the console mode.