If you are a member or voter of the following political parties or agree with their despicable political views,
you are NOT WELCOME to use my software.
  • AfD (Germany)
  • Die Heimat (Germany)
  • Die Basis (Germany)
  • BündnisDeutschland (Germany)
  • Freie Wähler (Germany, Bavaria)
  • CSU (Germany, Bavaria)
  • FPÖ (Austria)
  • Fratelli d’Italia (Italy)
  • Lega Nord (Italy)
  • Rassemblement National (France)
  • Vox (Spain)
  • Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Poland)
  • Fidesz (Hungary)
  • Adalet ve Kalkınma Partis (Türkiye)
  • Republican Party (USA)

There are three ways how you can get support for SQL Workbench/J

When reporting a problem, always include the build number of SQL Workbench/J you are using together with the DBMS, its version and the JDBC driver you are using. This information is shown in the connection info dialog, that can be obtained by right clicking on the connection URL in the main window and choosing "Connection info".

Please also attach the full logfile. The location of the logfile is shown in the About dialog (the you can copy the filename from within the dialog).